Panache Orpheus
a new range of cantilever desking from Premier office Furniture.

'Orpheus' offers a versatile alternative for today's ever changing office environment.

A quality engineered, telescopic beam system, together with a stylish and versatile leg frame provides a complete modular system, with optional modesty panels and height adjustable frames.

Corporate companies with facilities managers and small business users alike, require adaptable systems furniture, with provision for the most up to date office technology, 'Orpheus' provides the solution.

Panache Orpheus is manufactured using 26mm crown cut natural wood veneer tops, with slim line profiled edging.

Compact Single Wave Desk - for offices with limited space, shown with full height pedestals and storage cabinets in light oak veneer.

Orpheus Single Wave Desking - Shown as a four person cluster with extension meeting tops to both enlarge the working surface and give a sense of personal space, shown with mobile pedestals.

Orpheus Crescent Desk - With desk height pedestal shown above with wave monitor screens.

Orpheus Double Wave Desking - Shown with mobile pedestals and wave screens in light oak veneer. These curves both soften the appearance and complement the workflow between team members.

Managerial workstation and storage in maple veneer.

'J' Extended linking Workstations at 135 degrees to accommodate core desk layouts at 90-degree corners, for optimum use of floor space in conjunction with other core desking.

Core Work stations - for team working, these arrangements create ideal individual working space for good communications. A space saving and cost effective solution.